Wireless Addressable Fire Detection and Alarm System

  • Wireless gas detector
  • Wireless UV-IR detector
  • Wireless flame detector
  • Wireless smoke-heat detector
  • Automatic fire extinguisher
  • Building management system
  • Semi wireless beam detector
  • Glass Break call point
  • Wireless PIR detector
  • CCTV
  • Wireless relay
  • LAN server with connected terminals
  • Computerized panel
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Wireless Disaster Detection & Communication System

  • Wireless Micro-Communicator
  • Earthquake Detection
  • Fire Detection
  • M-Governance
  • Outdoor Addressable PA System
  • Urban Flooding
  • Landslide Detection
  • Terrorist Attack / Bomb Blast
  • Active Measures
  • Fire Simulator
  • Structural Health Alarms
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Forest Fire Detection with Centralised Monitoring System

Our forest fire Detection System is based on smoke detection technology, since always smoke is noticed before the fire. High definition and sensitivity Optical Sensors are installed at strategic locations creating a surveillance network of forest land

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Advanced Surveillance System for critical and vital assets


Thermal based Passive Radar to detect the threat from Land, Sea & Air


Customised Software Solutions Suit


High End cameras and recording system with Centralised Monitoring System

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Virtual & Augmented Reality Solutions

Fire Simulator suite for VR

Virtual Reality HMDs

Augmented Reality Industrial & Fire Helmets

Customised AR & VR solutions

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Advanced Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Integration

Robotics such as rescue, fire-fighting robots, exoskeleton, special purpose remotely operated vehicles and UAVs that interact with the world via sensors and actuators and programmable to use machine learning and artificial intelligence to learn and operate in emergency situation. These are are usually autonomous or semi-autonomous and can be operated remotely.

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The InfraSecure System will help to enhance the preventive measures and handle the emergencies in an effective manner, which will minimize - Human, Financial & National Loss.