Robotics, Exo & UAV
Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning
Machine Vision & Speach
IoT & Connectivity
Automated Assistant
Simulation Environments
Expert Systems

The progress in Technology has and will continue to accelerate exponentially.

Robotics Vehicles & UAVs

Most of the robots in development or being used today are controlled remotely, are equipped, with various modular tools or even tethered water hose. They have infrared and vision cameras which transmit visuals back to the operator.

Artificial Intelligence

Among many uses, AI Integration will improve workflow many folds, Fire and Disaster sensing will benefit from such technology with fewer errors and omissions, safer jobsites, improved workflows, and more on-time completions.

Machine Learning

Software brain that learn more effectively with data, optimises its own algorithms, such as machine learning placed in systems that can recognize, alter, and improve upon their own internal architecture with minimal human supervision.

Computer Vision, speech and other senses

Humans have eyes and brains to see and make sense the world visually. Computer vision is along with AI and machine learning achieves human level and better in some, capability that is scalable and efficient.

Integration of Computer Vision in workflow, allows object identification and sensory assistant and effectively extending to larger awareness.